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Test Drive

Play one BBO or OKB speedball with Dan for just $10, and then receive an email analyzing your play.   Available for new students only.


For comparable lessons most tournament pros charge up to $100/hr or MORE ("if you have to ask, you can't afford it") and afterwards a little talk and you are done.  Where's the value?

Dan is a true teacher - your improvement and enjoyment (and winning) are critical.  He offers the same services as well as handling system note revisions, email analysis, phone discussion, and answers all questions by students.  For an hour of play and email analysis or phone discussion, it is just $50.

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  • Opening Leads Special: Order a 5-lesson pack and receive 9% off and get the Opening Leads booklet FREE

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Call (859) 523-2551, email, or reserve your lessons with Dan through the secure Paypal online billing system now.

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  • 1-Hour Lesson (+ analysis and discussion) - only $50
  • Opening Leads Special - 5 Hourly Lessons (+ analysis and discussion) - PLUS free Opening Leads booklet - $235